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'스타트업 성지' 이스라엘의 교훈

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Israel is a country like the ‘island’ that is bordered by the Arabs on three sides and the Mediterranean Sea on the west. The population is 8.6 million, and the total area is 20,770 km². Unlike the neighboring countries, the domestic market is small and there is no oil resource. That is why the country is called ‘resource poor country’.

VisualCamp ranked the 2nd place on K-Demo Day China

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K-ICT Born2Global Center announced that VisualCamp ranked the second place on K-Demo Day China. K-Demo Day China was hosted by Korean Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning; supervised by Zhongguancun Inno-way; and supported by Born2Global Center. Through the event, VisualCamp publicized its eye-tracking technology in Zhongguancun, the center of startup in China.

Codemong to become the Korean 'Pokemon Go'?

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As the 'Pokemon Go' is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, many investors, VCs and even the South Korean government are getting more interested in Korea's domestic AR startups. Unreal Park, with its AR game 'Codemong' is also enjoying the spotlights of the media. Unreal Park is planning to launch is service late July.